Why Gov. Yahaya Bello Offered Me N70m -Natasha Akpoti Reveals | READ DETAILS


Why Gov. Yahaya Bello Offered Me N70m -Natasha Akpoti Reveals | READ DETAILS

Natasha Akpoti-Uduaghan (PDP), winner of the Kogi central senatorial district in the 2023 general election, has alleged that governor Yahaya Bello offered her N70million to step down for his preferred candidate.

According to her, Bello had in 2018 when she was still in APC, invited she and other aspirants and offered them money to forfeit their political ambitions.

Uduaghan alleged that Bello had initially offered her N50million which she rejected and he increased it to N70million. She however rejected the offer as according to her, she was not in the race for money but to impact on the peoples’ lives.

“In 2018, before I joined the SDP, I was in the APC for pretty much.

“The Governor called on me along with nine other aspirants at that point to step down.

“He offered some people money. He offered me money as well. He offered me N50 million at first, I turned it down. He then said ‘How about N70m?’ to stand down for his anointed candidate who was then a Senator.

“I told him I wasn’t in the race for money. It was not for personal aggrandisement, but to make an impact on my people. And that annoyed him.

“Yahaya Bello does not like to be dared. He wants his words to be law” she said while appearing on Arise TV on Wednesday morning.